How to become part of the CVA:


As per our Constitution refer to clause 5:



5.1 Residents and owners of properties in the area described in section 4 are entitled to membership of the Association upon payment of the prescribed membership fee and compliance with the other articles in this section.

5.2 Membership of the Association by occupants of communes, or cluster developments like tenements, is limited to the holder of the property’s title deed. In the case of sectional title ownership, membership of the Association will be granted to one representative of the Board of Directors or similar representative body.

5.3 Occupants and/or owners in the area defined in section 4 of any kind of property that is illegally used for purposes not included in its municipal zoning specifications or that violates the terms of relevant legislation, by-laws and regulations, or who violates any provision of the applicable legislative and subordinated legislative or administrative provisions for land use and occupation, are automatically disqualified from membership of the Association. They are not entitled to demand any assistance or support from the Association or act on behalf of the Association.

Follow the steps below to become a member.


1. Review the Constitution and make sure that you comply.



2. Fill in the Membership Form for 2022-2023






3. The annual CVA membership fee for March 2022 - March 2023 is R300

Banking details

Standard Bank

Account No: 013433792

Hatfield Branch No: 1545

Email proof of payment to

Your membership will be confirmed after the payment has been made.