Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do to get involved in Clydesdale?

Clydesdale is the oldest residential area in Pretoria with a lot of culture and history! We would like you to join us in serving your community, let us know how you would like to get involved.

Click on the link (POPI act compliant) and you will be added to our database

Would you like to be updated with relevant information on Clydesdale?

Clydesdale Village wants to be a vibrant, sustainable, safe and clean neighborhood. We would like you to be part of this by being involved and informed! 

Click on the link (POPI act compliant) and you will be added to our database

Big events at Loftus Stadium, how do I get the resident's identification sticker to enter?

Please update your information on the link below and select the suitable option. The CVA will get in contact to supply you with a resident’s identification sticker. The metro police will identify this on your car and let you in, they are also appointed for crowd control during major stadium events. You can contact the Metro police in an emergency on

How do I report a power failure or other road related inquires?

SMS the word Power followed by your municipal account no to 44676. (Remember, the more people report the quicker the response)

Potholes, traffic signs, storm water and roads related inquiries: Indicate the street name and number, the nearest intersection, the name of the suburb and your name and contact details to

My dustbin got stolen or is missing, what do I do or how do I order a new one?

Waste management: bins not lifted/emptied Tel: 012 358 9461/0592
Waste management: domestic bin complaints Tel: 012 358 6462

What about crime in Clydesdale?

In Clydesdale we follow a time-tested and successful, integrated crime prevention strategy that involves relevant stakeholders.  A central street communication group make sure that all information on any kind of suspicious behavior is sent out to the relevant group's database. Also get involved with community events and know who stays next door, this enhances our safety network.

Get updated and be safe, join the relevant group by updating your information here:

Who can I talk to with an 'out of line' neighbour?

Get to know your neighbour and try to find a solution that would enhance neighbourliness and a mutual understanding.  if everything has been done and no mutual outcome can be achieved, report it to the City of Tshwane at:

By-law transgressions: 012 358 4656 or  | (this can be done anonymously) 

Send this report as an attachment to and the CVA will assist where possible.

Who should I contact if I spot a water leak or problem?

Water: complaints Tel: 012 358 2111
Water: leaks Tel: 012 358 2111 /
Water: off/low pressure 012 427 7111