Clydesdale Website Advertisement Application
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Companies or enterprises based in Clydesdale are welcome to apply to advertise on the CVA website, although the decision about whether to include information on the site is at the discretion of the CVA. Hosting such information does not imply any responsibility whatsoever by the CVA, or by anyone acting on its behalf, for services, goods or products advertised on the site. The CVA promotes legal and compliant businesses, and will not be responsible in any regard if an illegal business or service is advertised on this website.

You, or your company, need to supply the marketing material, which should be of a good standard. The CVA does not provide graphic design services, and you will need to update and change your information periodically.

If your application is approved, the CVA will contact you to start the process. If you would like assistance or more information, email the CVA at with the subject: Website advertisements.

We will be in contact soon