CVA (Clydesdale Village Association)
The CVA is a non-profit community-based organisation established to serve Clydesdale, a long-established residential area in Pretoria. With its mainly single-storey houses and leafy streets, Clydesdale is home to families, students at the nearby University of Pretoria, employees of the city’s private- and public-sector organisations, and many others.  
The CVA operates through a number of portfolios that are vital to the sustainability of our Village. Each year, at the Annual General Meeting, members of the CVA Committee are elected. If you would like more information about how the Committee comes into being every year, please email us at with the subject CVA elections

Traffic Cone

Service Delivery

Improving the quality of public service delivery is a high priority for everyone. Involvement by the community and CVA members in identifying and reporting matters needing attention delivers the best solution. This enhances the quality of life for everyone and can create and sustain good lines of communication with the municipality. To report service delivery issues, contact for any queries with the subject Service delivery.
See the City of Tshwane link on this page for information about how to contact the municipality to report problems or give feed-back – including appreciation of jobs well done; it’s easy to forget to do this.

Recycling Bottles


To help enhance our carbon footprint, recycling initiatives are being investigated. Currently, the best way to contribute is by putting recyclables in a separate, clear bag. This will help the trolley pushers to retrieve them without disrupting the contents of bins, with the potential for litter that comes with that. The trolley pushers mainly collect on Tuesdays.



The CVA keeps in close contact with the City of Tshwane in relation to maintenance of our local Myrtle Park and of our street trees. It is encouraging to see residents looking after the public areas in front of their properties and we will all reap the benefits if others follow suit to create an attractive, clean environment for our neighbourhood.



A long-established urban residential area, Clydesdale has a rich heritage and a highly distinctive architectural character. Most of its houses – some almost one hundred years old - are single-storey. Typified by sheet-metal roofing and large verandahs, they stand in spacious gardens. The numerous trees shading the streets include mature London Planes (Platanus × acerifolia). Decorative elements original to individual houses include fireplaces made of Kirkness bricks (one of Pretoria’s earliest enterprises); beautifully-patterned floor tiles; Oregon Pine flooring; and high pressed-steel ceilings. The CVA works closely with the Provincial Heritage Resources Agency (PHRAG) to assure and protect the neighbourhood’s attractive, family-friendly and historic nature.


Land use

The CVA encourages Clydesdale’s property owners to legalise any enterprises at their premises. In cases where it appears that land is being used or developed in ways that contravene the applicable regulations, affected property owners or residents should inform the City of Tshwane Planning Control inspectorate, giving as much relevant information as possible. If this formal process does not result in appropriate action, the CVA will provide support and will escalate the matter. To inform the municipality about land use concerns, contact Martin van Niekerk (Planning Control Inspectorate); phone: 012 3584570; email: cc with the subject Land use.


Get involved with community events and know who lives next door! This enhances our safety network. Each street in Clydesdale has a safety group and these are connected to a central group. Through your street group, you can report suspicious behaviour and receive reports from other people. The CVA is constantly investigating other ways that fall within the legal constraints, to improve the safety of the Village. To find out how to join your street group, email with the subject Safety groups.


Take Initiative

People with initiative do things without being asked; find out what they need to know; keep going when things get tough; and see and take positive advantage of opportunities that others may pass by. Neighbours like this are highly valued.  If you would like to get actively involved in uplifting, upholding and preserving Clydesdale, send an email to with Initiatives as the subject.

City of Tshwane

Known as the Jacaranda City for the purple blossom-bedecked trees that line its thoroughfares, Pretoria is a lovely, quiet city with a long, complex and important history. Here you will find significant old buildings and fascinating museums. The City of Tshwane is the largest metropolitan municipality in the country, with 7 regions, 105 wards and 210 Councillors.