Hello dear Clydesdaler!

To comply with the POPI act, the Clydesdale Village Association (CVA) need your consent and your up-to-date contact information. We need to verify the current contact database that we have and receive your consent to utilise it for the purpose outlined below.

This must be done before the close of 2018.

This information will only be used by the CVA to circulate information to the community for your participation and action. The CVA will not disclose, sell or use your personal information in any way to compromise your safety, security and privacy.

Information sent out to residents will be stemming from the aims and goals of the CVA.

The Association aims to:

1. Promote and protect the security, well-being and interests of all the residents of Clydesdale.

2.  As a representative body, to canvass, propagate and defend the views, interests and rights of its members in relation to other persons, institutions and organisations, including the municipal authority.

3.  Promote and protect the historical heritage and residential character of Clydesdale.

4. Be affiliated or associated with similar associations or forums which promote the interests of Clydesdale and other residential areas.

5. Fulfil the mandate as set out in the CVA constitution


To reach these goals the following portfolios are covered by the CVA:

1. Service Delivery (news on streetlights, electricity, roads, storm water, street trees and parks) 

2. Heritage and Land use (news on: heritage protection, land use bylaws, urban design frameworks)

3. Partnerships and New Initiatives (for example: investigation of partnerships with the CoT and investors. Community gatherings)

4. Marketing (website, facebook, google drive collaboration)

5. Safety and Security (Events at Loftus, road closures, crime reporting, CPF crime awareness, CoT crime awareness initiatives and neighbourhood security)

6. OPPERA (Affiliation with Old Pretoria East Ratepayers and Residents' Alliance)

7. CVA Finances


We thank you for your participation